Frequently Asked Questions

Waiver Information


TTU Athletes

The Fall 19-20 online waiver period for Athletes is 6/18/19 - 9/17/19.


Texas Tech University

All student athletes are automatically enrolled in and charged for the Texas Tech University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless a waiver is submitted by the September 17, 2019, waiver deadline. Students holding comparable coverage may be eligible to waive enrollment in the Texas Tech University SHIP.


To be eligible for a waiver of enrollment in the Texas Tech University SHIP, the University requires that students provide evidence of other comparable health coverage. Please be advised that the waiver request will be reviewed and verified active with the insurance carrier. Notification of acceptance or rejection of this request will be sent to your email within seven business days.

To qualify for a waiver, your health insurance plan must meet the requirements as listed below.

  1. Medical coverage must be Affordable Care Act (PPACA) compliant.
  2. HMO plans, EPO plans, Short-term plans or Travel Plans are not acceptable for waiver approval.
  3. Healthcare sharing groups do not meet the requirements for acceptable alternative health insurance. Membership in a healthcare sharing group will not be accepted for waiver approval.

If you want to waive enrollment from Texas Tech University SHIP, please acquire an electronic copy of the front and back of your insurance ID card and then select the link below to submit your waiver request. Once you login, select the RED button under the “No, I do not want the insurance.” Section.

ATHLETES: Click Here to Submit your Waiver Request